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Education in aesthetically intellectual disciplines is as essential as education in any other technical field. Kashmir has a rich and glorious cultural and architectural heritage. Its beauty and cultural heritage is a living expression. Fine Arts is the best way of expression. Recognizing the dire need to have in the city of Muzaffarabad a School of excellence encompassing the disciplines of Fine Arts, the department of Fine Art & Design has been set up with the aim to provide students with the best that an academic life can and should offer to meet the challenges of practical life in their relevant field of profession. In the department, a great deal of emphasis is placed on developing creative abilities in the students. Job Opportunities for Graduates fields. They have an important role in engineering, education department, publications, media, and other advertising agencies. Textile industry and fashion designing depend on textile designing. This skill is market oriented. Today is the age of competition. Designing skills can capture the market. Besides the field employment, our graduates can establish their own cottage industries. Their skill can help them find new ways of earning.


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