The Department of Education was established in 2009. Initially one program BA (Hons) Education was started. The program at the department is geared to meet the needs of rapidly changing societal requirements. We educate our students for the new century characterized by rapid and constant change, the unpredictability of human affairs and transformation of the work place. We equip our students with modern knowledge along with professional education and Islamic values to play an active role in imparting quality education. The Department of Education has also responded in a positive manner to the vast changes, in higher education during the past few years, asserting a focus on quality and high standards. We believe that professional education; morality and ethical values must go together. Our graduates possess the entire core skills and competence required for their professional career.


      Presently the department is engaged in teaching BA (Hons) Education classes. It is hoped that admission to BA (Hons) Education will also be made this year.
      The faculty of education Endeavour’s to achieve the following objectives:

i  Provide pre and in service teacher training catering for the needs of elementary and secondary education.

ii  Provide services to all segments of society in the field of educational advancements, especially higher education, research and training.

iii  Develop human resources through short-term and long-term training activities.

iv  Arrange, manage and conduct post-graduate program of different levels in teacher education.

v  Promote cooperation in inter-disciplinary relationship with other teaching, and research establishment.

vi  Liaise with local, national and international educational community in undertaking research and training projects.

vii  Arrange conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia and refresher courses for human resource development.

viii  Provide consultancy services independently as well as in collaboration with national and international agencies/organizations.


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