Center for Peace and Conflict Studies



The Center for Peace and conflict Studies was established on 01-08-06 and formally recognized by University Notification No 351-48-2006 under the Institute of Kashmir Studies.
The center is situated in the New Campus having enough space to provide the peaceful environment for Peace studies in conflict zone.
The Academic Board of the University has formally agreed upon the Board of studies which will approve the syllabus on 27th of October 2007 during the board meeting. The admissions for the PGD are announced in Nov-Dec for 2008 Session which will lead to Masters Level.


To create and enhance intellectual space for inter-and intra-disciplinary research and inter-faith dialogue to promote better understanding of the peace loving community of Kashmir with the pace of the global community vis-à-vis to restore Kashmir to its historic position of being in the vanguard of the advancement of peace and Human Civilization.


Provide the suitable platform for the students and scholars interested in Peaceful Universe to bury the hatchet and hatred in order to discuss and debate, the various issues on the subject, related with peace and conflict Resolution.
Create the space for the crucial re-evaluation and resentment of the conflict which are being debated and discussed and evolve the practical and pragmatic methodology for peace.
Furnish a suitable environment for interaction between the local Intelligentsia,
students, Scholars, Media persons, Intellectuals at national and international level.


• Reexamining and re-evaluating the sources of peaceful Kashmiri traditions which were always attractive for every peace lover to enter this land of Sufis and saints.
• Introduce and locate the traditional values of peace and impart peace education in which tolerance, faith building reconciliation and peace through dialogue has the main thrust.
• Examining and analyzing the contribution of various, mystical, religious traditions formats of peace.
• Peace initiatives, peace building, peace keeping, peace practicing, peace implementing and the dynamics of peace and the conflict resolution.

Job Opportunities

Peace Studies has vast Job opportunities in the Media, Data analysis, Public relations, Diplomacy, Negotiation experts Non Governmental Organizations and Civil services etc.


• Peace education by analyzing the conflict complexities vis-à-vis conducting seminars of Inter and Intra University level, inter and intra departmental level, inter parts of sides of divide.
• Biannual global conference on the conflict, seminars and workshops
• Disseminate Research works based Peace Journal of International repute
• Conducting of Research and area study and exchange of thoughts within the state.

Sheikh Waleed Rasool
Incharge Center for Peace & conflict resolution (IKS)



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