The River Neelum divides the University Campus into two parts. The old campus is located near the main business center of the city while the new campus stands on the bank of the river. One can taste the contrast of the hub of the city life and serene and peaceful atmosphere to match one’s mood. At night, the city presents a magical view. Overlooking from the top of a mountain, the city seems a flood of lights, which captivates the viewers. Look a little away from the city centre and the thinly scattered lights on mountains seem like little stars and you feel for a while as if the sky has been turned upside down. The cultural life of the city is as varied as its landscape. If you walk through the city, this contrast becomes too obvious to escape notice.

Note: Most of the buildings at Muzaffarabad Campus has been collapsed or damaged severely in recent Earthquake. Temporary buildings are being constructed at old campus while construction of campus at new proposed site is also under process.

The University Have following Three Campuses



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