Computer Sciences & Information Technology

Dr. Wajid Aziz
(Associate Professor)
Post Doc (University of Leicester,
United Kingdom)
PhD (PIEAS, Islamabad, Pakistan)
Dr. Saeed Arif Shah,
Assistant Professor, PhD (China)

Dr. Sajjad Ahmed Nadeem,
Assistant Professor, PhD (France)

Dr. Rabia Riaz,
Assistant Professor, PhD (Korea)
Imtiaz Ahmed Awan
Assistant Professor, MS (GIKI)
Raja Sharjeel Saeed
Assistant Professor, MS (GIKI)
Dr. Abdul Majid,
Lecturer, PhD (China)
Miss. Saima Rathore,
Lecturer, MS (CASE, Islamabad)
Mr. Zakki Hassan Kazmi,
Lecturer, MS(Islamabad, Pakistan)
Mr. Mohsin Manshad Abbasi,
Lecturer, MS(Sweden)
Mr. Zahid Younis,
Lecturer, MCS (QAU, Islamabad)
Mr. Aftab Naseem,
Lecturer, MIT (NUML, Islamabad)

Mrs. Sobia Hassan Kazmi,
Lecturer, MCS (UAJ&K)

Mrs. Uzma Naqvi,
Lecturer, MCS (UAJ&K)
Mrs. Sana Shoukat,
Lecturer, BSCS (UAAR, Rawalpindi)

Mrs. Sumaira Aziz,
Lecturer, MSc (UAJ&K)

Mrs. Shehla Naureen,
Lecturer (Contract), MBA (FJWU, Rawalpindi)
Mrs. Maryam Bibi, Lecturer
(Contract), MPhil (QAU, Islamabad)
Mrs. Lubna Maqbool Khawaja,
Research Associate (Contract), MCS
(KU, Karachi)
Engr. Raja Tahir Iqbal,
Lab Engineer, B.E. Electronics (MUET, Jamshoro)

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