Agriculture emerged when ancient cultures switched from life as hunter-gatherers to a sedentary lifestyle, growing crops of choice in a fixed location. Modern crop production is the application of the principles of physical, biological and social sciences to growing domesticated plants to meet a diversity of human needs in a profitable manner. The land resources available to him are limited, thus there is a need to grow more from each piece of land available to him. It is a continuous challenge to increase yields to remain ahead of the relentless increase in human population

A totally new dimension is being added to the already dynamic process of crop production by the forces of climate change. New crop varieties and new ways of growing them will have to be evolved if the human
race is to survive in much greater number on a limited resource base under different climatic conditions. The continuous concern in crop production is to use optimally the resources necessary for crop production is a sustainable manner. Sustainable use of resources implies current utilization in an optimum manner, while safeguarding their productivity for the use of future generations. Field crops are a major source of food, feed and fiber for humans and their livestock. Cereal Crops (especially wheat, corn, and rice) are the most important food crops in the world. Plant fibers for clothing and textiles include cotton; forage crops include alfalfa and sudangrass. Crops are an important source of nutrients, especially carbohydrates.

The graduates and postgraduates from the faculty have multiple choices for job in various national and international organizations. The national organizations include Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Institutes, Extension, Education, Commercial Banks, Agrochemical Industries, Environmental Organizations, Rural Community organizations, NGOs etc. provide job opportunities. Internationally students are taking assignments abroad for last few years.


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