Human Resource Management


The Department of Human Resource Management is committed to provide a quality professional education and skill building environment to its graduates. The department has been established to prepare tomorrow’s managers, academician and leaders to deal effectively with complex, competitive and challenging environment.
Education and training in the field of HRM has become as a prerequisite for career advancement in the field of trade and business. The Master of Science in Human Resource Management program is designed to prepare professionals for a top class career in the field of Human Resource Management within the diverse industrial and service sectors. Topics and the contents of the program are designed and delivered very carefully and practically to meet the needs and interests of the working professionals and current requirements of the corporate world. This programme will give you an edge in the increasingly competitive graduate-level job market and will go a long way to setting you on the right path to a successful professional career in HRM.




Student who graduate with a Master of Science in Human Resource Management will be able to:

Conduct effective human resource planning in the organizations to which they serves;

Effectively implement the functions of HRM in the organization and thereby able to attract, motivate and retain the competent employees;

Identify various performance appraisal systems and critically evaluate/apply these methods;

Will be able to scan the environment and take advantage of opportunities while minimizing threats;

Evaluate ethical, social, civic, cultural, and political issues as they relate to the environment of human resource management;

Understanding of labour-management relations and utilize various processes and tools for bargaining, negotiating, and resolving disputes;

Develop effective written and oral communications consistent with the business and professional environment;

Will be able to present themselves with the professional abilities for the highly demanded roles of HR Managers/Directors and HR Auditors and a strong career growth;

Apply appropriate information technology to analyze problems and issues, interpret and apply human resource principles in a global setting and recommend management strategy and action plans.



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