Monday October 23, 2017


The Directorate of Students’ Affairs was established in May 2004. The Directorate is headed by Director Students’ Affairs (DSA) who is assisted by Deputy Directors Students’ Affairs, Assistant Director Students’ Affairs (Female), Director Sports, Wardens of Hostels and a Medical Officer. Two sub-offices of Deputy Director Students’ Affairs have been established at Kotli campuses. These offices operate under the guidance of the respective Deans in coordination with the DSA. The Directorate offers various services to the students including admissions, welfare, sports, health care, career counseling, guidance, scholarships, financial aid and hostel accommodation.

The DSA makes sure that the students are following the Code Of Conduct.


Muzaffarabad Campus

Aamir Farooq
Email:[email protected]
Ph: (+92)5822-960463

Deputy Director's

Mrs. Neebla Qayum Sheikh,Dr. Rizwan Taj,Dr. Manzoor Ahmad

E-mail: [email protected]
Ph: (+92)5822-960463