Mohammad Saddique Awan
Designation Associate Professor


Email: awanzooajku@hotmail.com
Contacts: 05822-960434(office)
Experience: 22 year teaching and Research experience in Zoology.
Area of Specialization/Interest: Wildlife Conservation and Managemtent.

1. Distrubution of Himalayan Musk Deer

2. Status of wildlife species and their management in Ghomat Game Reserve District Muzaffarabad

3. Popuplation Dynamics of Cheer Pheasant in Jhelum Valley, Muzaffarabad, A.K. Pakistan

4.First Breeding and Nidifiaction record of cheer pheasant Muzaffarabad

5.Current Distribution and status of himalayan ibex in upper neelum valley

6.Impact of musk trade on the decline in
Himalayan musk deer Moschus
chrysogaster population in Neelum
Valley, Pakistan

7.A Preliminary Study on Distribution of Avian Fauna of Muzaffarabad–Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan

8.Altitudinal range and relative abundance of five species of tits in machira national park muzaffarabad.

9. Distribution and population status of cheer pheasant, phalla game reserve, district bagh, Azad Kashmir

10.Habitat Utilization of cheer pheasant in Jhelum Valley, Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir

11.Distribution, Status and Habitat Utilization of Alectoris chukar
in Machiara National Park District Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir

Approved H.E.C Supervisor /C.V:



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